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Casa » Little girl goes crazy over cotton candy — VIRAL VIDEO

Little girl goes crazy over cotton candy — VIRAL VIDEO

11 Setiembre 2016
Little girl goes crazy over cotton candy — VIRAL VIDEO

This gem became an internet sensation after she was caught on the fan cam during a Seattle Mariners game simply losing her mind.

For the record, the Seattle Mariners won against the Texas Rangers 8-3, but this little girl is the real winner here.

Another person sitting nearby tweeted a followup photo.

Then the Mariners' "shared" their famous "swelmet" with her. The cameras came back again and again.

Beatrix told KIRO Radio's Dori Monson on Thursday that she turned 3 years old last month.

Beatrix's dad, Jake Hart, explained his daughter's excitement. Well now we know.

Lind had hit a big grand slam and everyone was happy, and we were celebrating with some cotton candy. "I feel crazy", said Beatrix. Beatrix Hart was nicknamed "cotton candy girl" after she was spotted on the Jumbotron making faces while covered in sugar. Needless to say, her dad says she hit the car seat pretty hard that night.

Hart is thrilled the world is getting to witness his little girl's magical personality.

"This has been the craziest day", he said.

Of course, loving cotton candy and baseball so much can really take it out of you.

. Right now she's been trending No. 1 at Reddit. "She was in the middle of eating the cotton candy when she acted like that".

Let's hope in addition to the virtual honor, they give this little girl cotton candy for life.