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'Survivor' spoilers season 33 episode 8 tribes merge on 'I'm the Kingpin'

11 Noviembre 2016
'Survivor' spoilers season 33 episode 8 tribes merge on 'I'm the Kingpin'

Michelle Schubert has dropped a surprise for viewers on Taylor Stocker and Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa's romance that played out onSurvivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2016 last night? He finds a scroll, but there's no idol attached. She went home simply because she didn't have the numbers, and the other players felt confident enough that she didn't have an immunity idol. Yeah, well, Jay, you're the only one, although getting Michaela one week before the merge was pretty darn good timing on your part.

Time to say goodbye to Michelle Schubert. If that's the case, it's still a mystery as to why he voted off Michaela last week, but I digress.

Come the merge, I knew that people were seeing me as a strategic threat.

Listen, number two: Adam made a awful move this week trusting Taylor, who would walk over his corpse for free gum (or dried bananas).

At the time that sounded like a great idea. I don't want to.

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we're not writing at length about them, we're experimenting with discussion posts. So I had to save her. So another woman gone who was just got caught in the cross-hairs of more powerful alliance members.

Taylor's not really buying it - he can't stand Adam because Adam got Figgy voted out, but apparently Adam's forgotten this. So she went home. Was it a complete blindside? And now he knows that Adam has to be the one they target. That was the one vote the entire game that I did not take care of the relational aspect of the strategy.

I honestly wasn't too anxious about who I would go to the final three with. I didn't know what the numbers were supposed to be. Will had immunity, there was some suspicion that Jay had an Idol and Gen-Xers believe - perhaps correctly - that Jay would have burned his theoretical Idol to save his buddy. How much do you think those original Millennial versus Gen-X tribal lines still exist? Obviously I wasn't terribly sure; if I was terribly sure I would've absolutely done that.

It was a rough Tribal Council for the Ikabula tribe since they all really liked Michaela.

Yeah, there was. There are certain landmarks you're thinking about during the game.

Michelle says that working members of your alliance are the people you mesh well with and the people you can trust. How much were you on the outs out there? So I felt like this leper, this unclean citizen outside the gates. There was no question in my mind. I would do it again if I could have a jacket. I would've hunted for an idol like insane.

The merge arrives and the remaining castaways rejoice for the promise of a new game.

I did notice that he was scrambling around, and that didn't make me nervous.

Where do I start? That was when I was like 'uh oh, now he's safe and he knows it'. But he says there's no way he wants to work with the person who voted out his woman. I really don't. I connected with pretty much everyone other than Zeke. I felt good about it. Who'd have guessed that hyperventilating, panic attack-prone, left-out-of-every-vote Hannah would be thrust into the role of trying to get Adam to chill out and stop shaking the boat? When everyone first started talking about getting rid of Figgy, I was okay with it.

He talks with Taylor and tells him that he won't tell anyone about the food, and that they should work together. "Now the whole game is opening up for me", LaBelle said. So, [we] were all that upset. I do think people saw that and said 'that's the easiest person to make a target. "You made it to the merge!"

There were two main reasons. Not that we share the same faith, but we would pray together and talk philosophy or religion, and then we'd start strategizing together. We couldn't have brought everyone together because of our other alliances. I kind of felt this pull to her. "The merge was not what killed my game", she states. I didn't necessarily have time to tell her before Tribal, so I decided I was gonna do it at Tribal. Because they've seen my gameplay, I'm friends with all of them (just about) - like really.

Chris wants to band together to get out a Millennial, specifically Taylor because he stole food in the middle of the night. That played into decision-making; that played into 'how do we hang out at camp?'; that played into who do we vote out next; that played into 'how are we gonna face these challenges?' So it was. definitely there. The last person standing wins immunity.

There are actually two things.

At first, I was a bit downcast. Really, [CeCe, Chris and David] - those were the only three on the island that I didn't feel close with. I walked out of the room for 30 seconds, came back, the episode had ended. It was really for the betterment of his game.