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Casa » PSN user gets suspended for sharing in-game Watch Dogs 2 nudity

PSN user gets suspended for sharing in-game Watch Dogs 2 nudity

17 Noviembre 2016
PSN user gets suspended for sharing in-game Watch Dogs 2 nudity

Despite everything, he also took the time to praise Ubisoft for "Watch Dogs 2" and hopes that people will not blame the game developer for the incident. That suspension, which was initially set for one week, was later extended to one month, according to Goron2000.

Ubisoft has now said that it's simply going to do away with the digital privates completely to avoid further problems.

Basically, the Pioneer we've been hinted at in Watch Dogs 2 is something that doesn't exist anymore, and it's hardly going to debut in 2017 as originally envisioned. Neogaf user Goron2000 received an email from Sony, telling him he's temporarily banned. The player now questions the suspension, saying why would he be suspended for a shared explicit image that Sony Entertainment allowed to enter their govern?

This isn't the only example of nudity to be found in the game.

In the first notification, Sony indicated that Goron2000's account is going to be suspended for a week and that he'll only be able to access his PSN account again on November 21.

Ubisoft has since apologized for this oversight and vows that explicit genitalia will be patched out despite the game being rated as M for Mature. "We also are working with our first-party partners to ensure that players can continue to play and share all content from the game within the bounds of the first parties' respective codes of conduct", the company said in a statement. The reason cited was "content of an adult or sexual nature", which is against the code of conduct for the service. However, along with the arrival of the game were few revelations that while it may seem normal in real life, an apparent degrading input is in the new Watch Dogs game.

Another open world game - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - had its rating raised in 2005 when it was discovered that explicit sex scenes had been hidden inside the title.