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'Eagle cam' streaming Florida bald eagle births

28 Diciembre 2016
'Eagle cam' streaming Florida bald eagle births

The arrival of Harriet's little eagles has captured the attention of thousands of viewers. The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam has seen millions of people tune in since it launched in 2012, when Harriet was with her previous mate, Ozzie.

It's a birds-eye view of these soon-to-be eagle parents!

The first egg was laid at 5:03 p.m. November 22, meaning it's expected to hatch Tuesday; and the second was laid at 6:13 p.m. November 25, so it's due to hatch Friday. The pair has been taking turns incubating the two eggs in their nest high up in a slash pine tree.

Harriet has since found a new eagle to mate with, dubbed M15. Then sadly, Ozzie passed away in 2015 from injuries sustained during a fight.

Once the eaglets are hatched, they will stay in the nest for 12-14 weeks until they are ready for to "fledge", or stretch their wings for their first flight.

Live streaming video of the eagles' partnership is being broadcast on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam in Fort Myers from several angles, none of which disturb the eagles or make any sound. "You will see life and you might see death, but this is nature at her finest".

The Eagle Cam has been a global sensation with its captivating images of the cycle of a bald eagle's life, with female eagle Harriet as the leading starlet since its creation.