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Alec Baldwin Clowns Donald Trump's "Pee-Pee Party" Press Conference on SNL

17 Enero 2017

On the latest SNL episode, Baldwin staged a parody of Trump's press conference last week, which was his first as president-elect. Not amusing, cast is bad, always a complete hit job. "Really bad television!" Trump tweeted. Vladimir holds a labeled Donald Trump pee pee tape in the air and says "I am American journalist Wolf Blitzer. This is really happening", Baldwin said.

"On January 20th, I, Donald J. Trump, will become the 45th President of the United States".

He added, "We've also got some huge, A-list actors coming, like Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, and Jennifer Lawrence. It didn't happen and it wasn't as cool as it sounds", Baldwin replies.

"I'm not talking about the pee-pee". But he can't quite steer away from golden shower images as he talks about his plan to bring a "thick stream of jobs" to the country. The biggest, strongest, steadiest stream. "I've got three kids that I'm pretty devoted to and my wife who I love dearly and the thing I'm gonna do now in the near term is just get back to work and do my job and hopefully entertain people". "Because I'm a major wiz at jobs". "And I'll tell you right now, I'm not a "Joey, ' I'm a 'Rachel, '" referring to the news outlet's "Which 'Friends" Character Are You?" Then, Beck Bennett reprised his character of shirtless Vladimir Putin, holding up a blackmail-worthy VHS tape and asking Trump to confess if he was "very, very sure" that Russian Federation did the hacking.

"We just sit back and we look at Twitter, we read the news and we go, 'There it is!' And we probably should be, according to the WGA [Writers Guild of America], be giving Trump some writing credits for what he's done for us", he said. "Thank you all for peeing here - I mean, for pissing here - I mean, for being here".

Baldwin cuts off a second question about the alleged incident, then lets loose with an nearly 30-second stream of puns and plays-on-words related to urine.

He then allowed the press to ask questions, with the first concerning the "big Russian pee-pee party".

Former reality star Trump, the "little buddy" to Putin's Skipper, has spent more time in front of the TV commentating on comedians than he has spent on planning for the free world.