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Where Was Barron Trump During Donald Trump's Pre-Inauguration Concert? Twitter Reacts

20 Enero 2017
Where Was Barron Trump During Donald Trump's Pre-Inauguration Concert? Twitter Reacts

According to Sean Spicer, the new White House press chief, speaking on Thursday, the inauguration speech might leave Trump's European audience little the wiser, however. "Welcome Celebration" at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017.

Actor Mark Ruffalo said in a statement that communities across the country had the "power to protect people and the environment" and to unite to oppose what participants see as harmful policies Mr Trump may advance.

Earlier on Thursday, there were performances at the Lincoln Memorial by Voices of the People, as well as a number of high school marching bands.

Throughout his speech Trump thanked all his children for their help in his historic victory, as well as Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner, who Trump said he "sort of stole" from his daughter during the campaign. "I had something to do with it but you had much more to do with it".

WASHINGTON-Autoworker Allan Ptaszek wore his "Deplorable" button, the one that powerful people had said meant he was on the wrong side of history.

"The protesters are ignorant".

Friends (left to right) Ron Coughlin, Karen Jones and Eddie Ring.

All of the living American presidents were scheduled to attend the swearing in ceremony, except for 92-year-old George H.W. Bush, who was hospitalized this week with pneumonia.

Robert Dreyfus was joined at the concert by his sons Steve, 25, and David, 22. A fervent Trump supporter, Murray says he is looking forward to the inauguration.

"I try to have hope without hate", Mayer said.

Particularly, Lynch believes Trump is the right person to address the nation's healthcare cost problem, particularly insurance premiums. Trump tweeted, "The journey begins" as a tweet from First Lady Michelle Obama shared her gratitude and reflection as President Obama spends his last full day in office.

The president-elect participated in a series of pre-inaugural rituals and celebrations, beginning with a reception at the Trump International Hotel he opened in downtown Washington a year ago.

He led people in chants of "Make America great again!", pledged to create jobs, and to rebuild the U.S. military.

"He certainly didn't need this job", Jon added.

Ngakane says they are standing with their counter parts across the world in taking a stand for unity over division."We are standing behind the United States of America, we are in solidarity with them".

"I've never even met someone who's been to an inauguration", said Tyrus Cobb, 33, a truck driver from IN whose wife, Ashley, said she was eager for Trump to "bring God back to America". CNN is advising attendees of the outdoor events to prepare for possible rainy weather and to dress comfortable while bringing along water and some snacks.

In November, The New York Times reported that Trump was concerned about having to give up his Android as president, and that he was anxious about becoming "isolated" without it. The "Official 58th Presidential Inaugural License Plate" cost $50 and will contain Trump's name in black type on a white plate with the slogan "Make America Great Again" underneath. House Speaker Paul Ryan, he said, will finally have someone to sign legislation into law.

"I think it will offend some but it echoes the sentiment of the American people". We all were exhausted of seeing what was happening and we wanted change but we wanted real change.

Lee Greenwood performs with the Frontmen of Country during the Make America Great Again!

A piano version of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful was played by musical group The Piano Guys during the concert.