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Microsoft Surface Phone: Will It Work?

23 Enero 2017
Microsoft Surface Phone: Will It Work?

LG is expected to release a similar gadget in the fourth quarter and has recorded a patent for its "version" of a smartphone to-tablet foldable gadget. Many have been very curious on how the Surface Phone looks like but so far, no leaks of a prototype yet.

Submitted in 2014 by Kabir Siddiqui on behalf of Microsoft, the United States Patent and Trademark Office finally approved Patent No. 9,541,962 on January 10.

Microsoft's Surface Phone specs revealed. We have seen many foldable smartphones' mock up but none of the company has launched any foldable smartphone yet. The gadget is required to be basically a merger of two distinct parts.Taking a gander at the diagrams in the patent reports, the gadget will be with touchscreen show on the front and the back while the middle/bending side could be utilized as a music controller or notification bar. According to the filing patents the device can be rolled, like a newspaper. This is possible with the screen's feature that allows it to be placed on the exterior of the device.

Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro, all-in-one PC will add another device to its latest flagship, the Surface Phone.

As a phone, the display could measure 5.5 inches, while the mini-tablet mode could turn it into a 7.9-inch mobile computer, similar to products in the Surface Pro lineup.

Several outlets note that the patent findings are not a mere coincidence and that timing is right for Microsoft to launch a Surface Phone this year. Among the solutions they've been exploring are different ways to make mobile devices foldable or bendable.

The fantasy of a foldable phone in the business market may at last materialize as Samsung, Nokia, and Microsoft all answered to be working at one.

LG's handset, on the other hand, seems to be developing an entirely new type of device with the flexible screen somehow attached on top of the body.