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Leaked Image of Google's Pixel XL Shows New Design

14 Julio 2017
Leaked Image of Google's Pixel XL Shows New Design

The next Pixel XL is going to have always-on display functionality, something that's made possible by its OLED screen.

You're staring at it. This new design, while evoking the theme of the first-generation Pixel XL in some very clear respects, is also a very substantial departure from that phone, as well.

Perhaps most interestingly, XDA's source also claims that the Pixel 2 will feature display profiles like sRGB and Vivid that are available under the phone's standard screen settings. Given that Google is unlikely to announce and release its upcoming Pixel phones until this fall, there's always the chance that a speedier chipset might find its place within the confines of the Pixel smartphones. In the previous, several details on the hardware configuration of both the upcoming Pixel phones had surfaced.

Google is also said to be planning on adding other functions for the Pixel XL 2's squeezable frame. This feature could have been included at the beginning itself but if Google does not push through, there will be numerous ways to get the same via the third-party apps.

Finally, it's the Google Pixel 2 leak we all wanted. Still, we are exceptionally confident that this image represents the overall look and feel of Google's new smartphone, even if some small elements may not end up being representative of the final product. It's earlier rumors and reports suggests that it will carry 4-6GB of RAM with Snapdragon 835. However, the display resolution and the aspect ratio might be totally different - according to a leaked screenshot from GFXBench's benchmark database, the Taimen could be boasting a 5.6-inch display with a resolution of 1312 by 2560 pixels. Hopefully Google's take on this is a little better to use in practice than HTC's - I can't say I was a fan of Edge Sense. Mentions of doze_always_on were discovered within the Android O Developer Preview 3. Here's what the 32 and the 128GB versions of these two cost last year.