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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 Available Now

14 Julio 2017
Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 Available Now

Nonetheless, Learn Bonds reported that the death of the operating system is an indication of the creation of the Windows PC in a pocket otherwise known as the #Surface Phone.

Microsoft has held firm that it has not given up on the mobile market, but in the interim is updating Windows to remain relevant in a smartphone-centric world. While the build comes with the usual known issues, fixes, improvements, and new features, it also brings a couple of Mixed Reality Improvements.

Just like it happened with SUSE, this is only available for the Windows Insiders only, for now.

Microsoft in May unveiled a forthcoming Windows update aimed at keeping its desktop and laptop computers at the heart of lifestyles increasing reliant on smartphones.

Delivery Optimization improvements. This might be the most profound improvement in this build: Microsoft is more clearly calling out that Delivery Optimization applies to both Windows Update (cloud)-based and peer-to-peer (P2P) update delivery in Settings, and has made the configuration more granular.

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Although Windows Phone 7, 8, and 10 were actually pretty good operating systems, Microsoft may have released the platform too late to acquire major mobile marketshare, even with their historic Nokia partnership in 2011.

In today's first Server test build are new base container images for Nano Server and Server Core, according to Microsoft's July 13 post announcing the new test build, which is available to those in the Windows Insiders for Business program or Windows Insider Program. With only about 20% of Windows Phone devices running Windows Phone 10 - and Windows Phone in total having less than 1% of the overall mobile market - observers predict that support for the platform will soon stop completely.

Task Manager improvements. After adding GPU performance monitoring to Task Manager two or three builds ago, Microsoft has been busy refining the experience. But it isn't that bad of news. The Gallery is live as well as a slideshow of your favorite photos. All of these combined results in a lively dynamic screen even when the phone is idle. A bunch of colorful tiles on a black screen instead of the sorely dated rows of icons sported by iOS and Android.

We have also improved stability of the headset during your Mixed Reality session. Now, you can manage that data. Same goes for Cloud Clipboard and any other features that are not going to be ready in time for the Fall Creators Update.

My favorite fonts have always been Arial and Times New Roman, which I've used since way back in Windows 3.x. The font is at the center of an ongoing investigation in the tracing of PM Nawaz Shariff and his daughter Maryam's overseas properties and accounts, which is rooted in the historic Panama Papers leak. Let us know in the comments.