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Casa » Vettel left dizzy after testing the 'shield' at Silverstone — British Grand Prix

Vettel left dizzy after testing the 'shield' at Silverstone — British Grand Prix

15 Julio 2017

Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari SF70H enjoyed its first laps this morning with the new 'Shield' cockpit safety device mounted.

But that is only the personal level of the background to what this year has developed into a fascinating duel between two great teams - the well-heeled, well-paid and stylish Italians from Ferrari, and the more pragmatic and modern Mercedes, champions of the last three years.

The shield, which is designed to protect drivers from flying debris, is made of transparent polycarbonate and is positioned on the car in front of the driver.

Sebastian Vettel provided some negative feedback after testing the Shield cockpit protection device during Friday practice for the British Grand Prix, complaining of dizziness. I think it's because of the curvature, you get quite a bit of distortion, plus you get quite a bit of downwash down the straights pushing the helmet forwards.

"For sure it doesn't help". The wind deflection wasn't doing Vettel any favors on faster sections of the track. "We are up for better safety, but it's not up for us to come up with a solution or say we want this or this". "Obviously the test was not very conclusive today".

Ricciardo produced a spectacular moment when he lost control of his spinning car at Club corner, but managed to catch it before hitting the wall.