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New update brings front flash to Google Camera

12 Agosto 2017
New update brings front flash to Google Camera

Obviously, the US is one of them. Pair great hardware with a barely usable camera app and you're phone is sure to get ignored. The update brings a selfie flash to the app. Since majority of the smartphone do not feature a selfie flash, the Google Camera fulfils this by adding a manila-toned slab right as the selfie is captured, which produces extra light for better pictures in low-light condition. That is, not all smartphones have an LED flash on their faces. Although, the feature doesn't offer automatic white-balancing like the iPhone's camera, but it's still a good option to brighten up your selfie. But even when the Google Camera was sideloaded onto other devices, HDR+ remained disabled. The latest version carries with it some lightweight, but somewhat useful, new additions, including the ability to double tap the display to zoom in, and a new toggle for switching between camera functions. Sadly, those numbers seem to be fixed and there's no way to customize that.

The double-tap to zoom function is a simple gesture that will zoom the camera to 50 per cent, and then zoom it out again, when users double-tap on the screen. While the latest version is now available outside of Android O preview, it requires at least Android version 7.1. We apologize for the confusion and have now removed reference to it from the article. The usual security disclaimers apply.