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The Nokia 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs OnePlus 5

20 Agosto 2017
The Nokia 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs OnePlus 5

Only phones refurbished through AT&T's insurance program and handled by FedEx Supply Chain are impacted by the recall.

Last year, Samsung had a major blunder with the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled and eventually scrapped over issues with the battery catching fire. The dummy of the smartphone appears to be in line with the past rumours and leaks.

But for practical uses, the Galaxy Note 8's most curious feature will be its dual cameras, the first of its kind on a Samsung device. Meizu too has lined up to release its budget phablet M6 Note on the same day.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 at a dedicated Galaxy Unpacked launch event on August 23 in New York City.

The dual sensors will also be able to capture more light which will allow for very good low-light performance. While these numbers should never be considered to be 100% accurate, they do give us a rough idea about what is going on in the smartphone industry at any given time. That means the power and lock key on the right side with volume and other controls on the left. A look at the front of the device shows the screen bezels are black, that seems to be common no matter the color chosen for the body. The US CPSC alert notes that the refurbished Note 4 batteries in question "were not supplied as original equipment by the phone's manufacturer, Samsung". Maybe this battery incident is exactly the kind of incentive you needed to switch to something newer.

For context, these phones were distributed between December 2016 and April 2017.

There are a few things to note (no pun intended) about Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 as it's listed on the web store. The South Korean conglomerate managed to come out of the chaos following lawsuits, unit recalls, and even re-launched the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units as Galaxy Note 7 FE.