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Apple, takes the OLED Screen from the Samsung once again!

12 Setiembre 2017
Apple, takes the OLED Screen from the Samsung once again!

Bloomberg says that in 2018, LG will be able to produce only a small number of OLED-screens for the iPhone.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPHone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition at an event on 12 September. Instead, Tim Cook's crew has probably tweaked the software behind the camera and changed the hardware layout to have the dual camera array orientated vertically, rather than horizontally - or at least, that's what a number of renders based on leaked information seem to suggest. With Apple's meticulously high-quality standards to be maintained, we are certain that this will also cause a delay in the manufacturing process.

Apple normally employs more than one supplier for a specific component but for the iPhone 8's OLED tech, the giant has tapped Samsung, which is currently the only supplier at hand.

"But it won't end up being called 'iPhone 8", that's for sure.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are touted to be the true successors of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with identical looks and design language. However, Kuo's note doesn't confirm if Touch ID will indeed be killed off in the iPhone 8.

According to Macerkopf, a German website, Apple will begin the pre-orders for the iPhone 8 from September 15.

That has been the general consensus over the last several weeks, as iPhone rumors have continued to pile up.

Thanks to leaks (some from Apple itself) and the inevitable supply chain chatter, we know quite a lot about Apple's tenth-anniversary iPhone.

"This could be potentially one of the more interesting and exciting Apple events", he said. There's the potential of removing the home button, adding wireless charging, and introducing augmented reality. The smartphone will be powered by the company's next-gen system on-chip (SoC), the A11 processor.