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Tropical Storm Irma brings severe flooding, power outages

13 Setiembre 2017
Tropical Storm Irma brings severe flooding, power outages

The unprecedented outages - knocking out power to more than half of Florida's homes and businesses - also unleashed a cascade effect across the region. Cruise ships that extended their voyages and rode out the storm at sea began returning to port with thousands of passengers.

Cooper also warned Carolinians of storm-related scams and encourages everybody to visit ReadyNC.org for reliable information regarding Hurricane Irma.

These programs shifted people and structures out of flood plains (at least partially), redesigned buildings and infrastructure to reduce their vulnerability to flooding, and required planners to take climate change into account when authorizing proposals for long-lived projects like electrical infrastructure. Downtown Savannah saw winds Monday strong enough to make palm trees bend and sway. North Carolina: More than 29,000 customers don't have electricity, according to Duke Energy. "Emergency funding should not come to the House without an opportunity to propose offsets, a number of which can easily be found in President Trump's budget".

Two large-scale patterns dictate whether or not a given year will host hurricane-inducing conditions: The El Niño/La Niña cycle and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO).

In Havana, people set about removing debris from the streets on Monday and mopping up homes hit by widespread flooding. "Plus we are still without water, power, sewer, gas and cell service", she said. No injuries were reported. "We're going to get this state rebuilt".

Georgia power officials said Tuesday that about 800,000 people in the state lacked power.

Anything beyond those five days is nothing more than an educated guess, as a lot can happen in between now and then.

In addition to warmer sea surface temperatures overall-which increases moisture level in the atmosphere and the flooding power of recent hurricanes-raised temperatures result in higher winds, with "roughly eight [metres] per second increase in wind speed per degree Celsius of warming".

Yes, Mother Nature did her part by slowing down Irma and wobbling her path hither and yon, thereby weakening the storm's intensity.

"Florida is vulnerable to both extreme storms and fuel supply disruptions", the letter said.

In Charlotte, work crews spent the day Tuesday clearing away large trees that were uprooted, causing some damage to homes.

No storm deaths have been reported in North Carolina, and no serious injuries had been reported early Tuesday.

At least 34 people were killed in the Caribbean as the storm closed in on the U.S. mainland.

Even McMaster wasn't immune from the storm's wrath.

Before the Keys lost cellphone service, Rose received a text from his mother, who chose not to evacuate.

Exhibit A, said Klotzbach: the infamous 1921 hurricane that devastated the Tampa Bay area.

"The hurricane winds lashed the shutters violently, throughout the night", he wrote in a text message, "making sleep impossible". And because hurricane winds spin counterclockwise and lined up perfectly perpendicular to Jacksonville's St. John's River, "it just pushed the water from the Atlantic right into the river", National Hurricane Center spokesman and meteorologist Dennis Feltgen said.