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Casa » Hillary Clinton puts Ivanka Trump on notice for sticking by her father

Hillary Clinton puts Ivanka Trump on notice for sticking by her father

14 Setiembre 2017
Hillary Clinton puts Ivanka Trump on notice for sticking by her father

In her book, Ms Clinton expressed her disappointment at not being able to face down Mr Putin from the White House.

But she added that it was "incredible to see Comey go from villain to martyr in five seconds flat" after he was fired by Trump in May, ostensibly for his mishandling of the investigation into Clinton's emails that Trump had once praised him for.

Hillary Clinton appeared on the "Today" show Wednesday morning in her first live TV interview since Election Day, saying that she believes she didn't make enough mistakes on her own to lose the election and that former FBI Director James Comey was the determining factor in President Donald Trump's win.

In the tome, she stated that misogyny and some unjustified accusations on the scandal regarding the use of a private emails account for official affairs had to do with her election defeat. And if they're not, they need to be speaking out or leaving. Yet for some reason (misogyny), people on both ends of the political spectrum are angry that she's doing them. "He was focused on solving problems, not placing blame, which was what most of her campaign was about", Sanders said. "But for that intervention I would've won".

The next stop on Clinton's book tour is in Toronto, Canada, at the Enercare Centre on Sept. 28.

Hillary Clinton said that the book delves into some personal questions as well, including questions about her marriage and criticism she has faced for staying married to Bill.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter late Wednesday to slam Hillary Clinton's CNN interview on why she lost the November election, saying that "the 'deplorables' came back to haunt Hillary".

I don't want to give too much attention to one dubious poll, but this is an attitude we've seen before. On the day she clinched the Democratic nomination, Clinton adds: "Bernie was still more than a month away from endorsing me".

"I'm very disappointed in what I've seen so far [from Trump]", Clinton said. Do you agree with Clinton here? Going after our ally, South Korea, while North Korea is threatening the region, threatening us? Though tickets are a little steep at £45, it'll be Hillary's only London appearance and you'll also get a copy of What Happened - who knows, maybe you'll even be able to get it signed?