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Not even Bill Gates is using a Windows phone anymore

26 Setiembre 2017
Not even Bill Gates is using a Windows phone anymore

It's been a while since the Windows Phone took its last breath. Though he had banned iPhones and iPods at home, in his interview with the Fox news, Gates called Steve Jobs, a "genius".

Also available as an option for Gates is the Acer Liquid Jade Primo with its Windows 10 look, feel and experience, or the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, which has a four (ish) star rating from three reviewers on the Microsoft store. It is known that smartphones with this operating system used by children of a businessman who was forbidden to use the Apple.

It may not be the most surprising revelation, given profits are sinking faster than a boat without a hull and big-name partners are jumping ship left and right, but the founder of Microsoft has presumably left Windows Mobile for the greener pastures of Google's Android. "What we've done with Surface is a good example".

After stepping down in early 2014 as chairman of the Redmond-based tech giant he helped establish more than four decades ago, business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist Bill Gates has kept a relatively low profile in relation to the computer and smartphone world.

To be fair, it should really come as no surprise that Mr Microsoft no longer supports his own team. But regardless of all praises, he said,"No, no iPhone".

Asked if he had an iPhone too, he responded: "No, no iPhone". From there, one would only have to install a few more titles to get the full Microsoft experience on Android.