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Casa » Tony Ferguson medical suspension clears way for Conor McGregor return

Tony Ferguson medical suspension clears way for Conor McGregor return

12 Octubre 2017

However, there is a possibility that McGregor fights Nate Diaz instead for a third time in what would be a more lucrative match-up given that the duo's rivalry contributed to the company's most successful card at UFC 202 when they fought back in August 2016.

In the UFC 216 headliner on October 7, Ferguson showed his determination and versatility against fellow top-10 talent Kevin Lee, outlasting "The Motown Phenom" and locking up a lovely triangle choke in the third round to win the UFC interim lightweight title. Check out the short interview with Tony below and look for much more from the MMA world coming soon.

Another day has passed and still no word on who lightweight champion Conor McGregor will fight next.

Even though he hasn't fought in the UFC in almost a year, the biggest story in MMA surrounds the future of Conor McGregor. That's my opinion. But yeah, it will be an interesting one, and it will be an exciting fight as well because Ferguson does come to fight, and he's aggressive. Whatever happens, I don't know, but I said this already, I would like to see Diaz three.

Conor McGregor hasn't made any decisions yet regarding his next fight but it's safe to assume that the reigning UFC lightweight champion will have an opinion when he finally sits down with the promotion to book his return to action.

'Dana, by going out there at the press conference and saying publicly that Ferguson has to fight Conor, that takes the momentum away from Diaz so that's gonna soften his stance on the 20 million'.

"I don't think he wants that grubby little belt to be in my hands because I'll enjoy it, and I will defend it".

"I think Conor's full of sh*t", he told Ariel Helwani. We saw that against Mayweather and if Kevin Lee connected with [Ferguson], sure as hell Conor will connect as well. If the right fight comes up and the right money's on the table I'm sure he would jump in and go again. But Conor's always got his belts at home, and nobody's came and beat him to get those belts, so in his eyes he's still the featherweight champion and he's still the lightweight champion. There have been reports of a McGregor-Diaz trilogy fight being his return bout to the UFC. "I'm ready to start training next week".

"Yeah, I would like more time off, definitely". That's all you've got to do: just set it down and you won't get a- kicked.