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Glove-Aided Dinger Helps Red Sox Stave Off Elimination

13 Octubre 2017
Glove-Aided Dinger Helps Red Sox Stave Off Elimination

The Astros certainly went out and earned the comeback win, but for the Red Sox, blowing a lead at home to tie the game may haunt them for a while. Anthony Rizzo had the game winning hit, breaking a 1-1 tie when he blooped a single in the eighth inning, and if you no longer see the Cubs as the lovable losers they were for more than a century after winning the World Series last year, your opinion won't change after hearing how Rizzo yelled "respect me" at the top of his lungs after the hit, apparently feeling slighted that Nats manager Dusty Baker elected to pitch to him with first base open and a man on second rather than face Wilson Contreras.

It took four games, some questionable decisions, and a questionable call but the Astros are through to the ALCS for the first time since 2005.

As is the rule with interference plays, the umpires get to decide where any runners are placed on the bases. Red Sox fans are going to have plenty to talk about this winter, as this series very well could have broken another way if not for a questionable call in the 8th inning.

Awkward? You bet. But it also underscored the matter-of-factness with which ownership and the front office regarded Farrell's standing within the organization.

After a Gattis single, Sale's day was done as closer Craig Kimbrel was called on, though he couldn't get the job done. They had some thrilling comebacks, they were resilient at times, and the players mostly seem like good guys.

What if Carlos Beltran - and don't you wish the Red Sox had a bat like that to pull off the bench in the late innings? - hadn't driven in an insurance run in the ninth? The reigning AL Cy Young winner, who led the AL with 22 wins last year and the majors with 17 losses in 2017, gave up two runs in three innings, walking three and striking out four while allowing five hits.

Josh Reddick, the former Portland Sea Dogs and Boston Red Sox outfielder, singled in the go-ahead run in the eighth, off Kimbrel.

The pitch appeared to be on the inside corner.

Uh, what exactly did this team 'deal with' over the course of the season?

Then there were some of the forgotten hitters in the Astros lineup.

A year later, it's unclear whether that's still the case. A decisive Game 5 is Wednesday night in Cleveland, with the winner advancing to play Houston in the AL Championship Series. But is that what ownership wants? Then they got clobbered on Sunday afternoon and got behind in Game 4. Springer hit.412 against the Red Sox. Besides Pedroia himself, no everyday player missed more than 30 games. We have many other ways to create runs, " teammate Jason Kipnis said. In Games 1 and 2, the top four batters in the Boston lineup went a combined 7-for-32.

In contrast, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman have set the tone for the Astros in the series.

Springer and Yuli Gurriel each had three hits for the AL West champions, and Reddick's go-ahead single made up for misplaying a fly ball into a home run in Game 3 to force a fourth game. His Game 4 home run off Justin Verlander was stolen from Fred Lynn's 1975 highlight reel.

"Yes, I feel confident in that", Farrell said.

Ownership and Dombrowski decided in the offseason to get back below the luxury-tax threshold and never adequately replaced the retired David Ortiz.

The second-most wins in franchise history. "I know it's not ideal". "I think you can't prepare enough", Astros manager A.J. "There's a lot of belief in him". "This is a team that can do a lot of special things".

The game was played in an off-and-on drizzle, with the expected downpour holding off.