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Kim Jong-un's half-brother killed by 'DEADLIEST nerve agent'

13 Octubre 2017
Kim Jong-un's half-brother killed by 'DEADLIEST nerve agent'

A Malaysian police officer testified Thursday that the two women on trial in the murder of the estranged half brother of North Korea's leader were seen on airport security videos with two men believed to have provided the VX nerve agent used to kill him.

The money is now stored in a safe in the office of the police chief of the Sepang district, which has jurisdiction over the murder site, police official Wan Azirul Nizam Che Wan Aziz said.

Jong-nam died while on the way to the Putrajaya Hospital.

Separately, Indonesian suspect Siti Aisyah was seen meeting with another man also wearing a cap at an airport cafe just before the attack was carried out in a crowded departure terminal of the Kuala Lumpur airport on Feb. 13.

Videos presented in court showed Vietnamese suspect Doan Thi Huong walking in the airport with a man wearing a baseball cap. Most of the videos appeared to show the women before, during and after the attack on Kim.

The investigator did not give more details about the four men during his testimony, but Prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin told the Associated Press outside the court that the four were believed to be North Koreans.

Prosecutors contend the women knew they were handling poison, and scientists who testified earlier said VX could be removed safely by careful hand-washing.

Mr Wan Azirul told the court their hands were in normal positions after they left the bathrooms.

A chemist testified earlier he detected VX on Huong's fingernail clippings and that the amount of VX detected on Kim's face exceeded a fatal dose.

However, both men's faces were heavily obscured in the footage. But they were allowed to return to North Korea along with Kim's body on March 31, as part of a deal that ended a six-week diplomatic row between the two countries following Kim's assassination.

Huong and Aisyah have pleaded not guilty to murder charges that carry a mandatory death sentence if they are convicted.

The two defendants told police they were tricked into attacking Kim and thought they were merely playing a prank for a reality TV show.

In another clip, Siti Aisyah was seen entering a restaurant to meet a man identified as Mr Chang.

The defense lawyers for both Huong and Siti Aisyah said the videos could be considered hearsay, as the investigating officer did not record them himself and was not present to witness the crime.