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Pyongyang will shower fire on US: North Korea minister

13 Octubre 2017
Pyongyang will shower fire on US: North Korea minister

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday (Oct 11) that his attitude is "the one that matters" when it comes to resolving the impasse over North Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

On Monday, Trump's Defense Secretary James Mattis said at the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army that the U.S. Army should "be ready" for a potential war with North Korea. While it is not unusual for submarines to be active in the region, it is rare for their locations to be disclosed. The attackers reportedly gained control of the documents in September 2016.

"That's one of reasons why they want to reopen the complex".

The EU also said a total number of 63 individuals and 53 entities were sanctioned under restrictive measures as listed by the UN, while 38 individuals and four entities have been designated by the bloc autonomously.

A pre-emptive strike against Pyongyang's leadership would be difficult to undertake, but it's widely seen as the most realistic of the limited military options Seoul has to deny a nuclear attack from its rival.

"Our principal position is that we will never agree to any talks in which our nuclear weapons will be the subject of negotiations".

South Korean analysts say the nighttime flights, and also the decisions by Washington and Seoul to release the itinerary of the warplanes, are aimed at sending a clear warning to North Korea and demonstrating capability for surprise attacks.

CNN reported that depending on the level of detail in the stolen plans, the hack could pose serious challenges for the US-South Korean alliance.

"If I had access to the enemy's plans, not only would I know what forces were going to be arrayed against me, I would know where they will be, what weapons they will have, where the command and control nodes will be established - all critical war-fighting information".

"The Korean-American relationship is very important and our visit to Chinhae gives us the opportunity to strengthen the outstanding relationship that exists between the U.S. and [South Korea]", said Cmdr.

Any trip by South Koreans to North Korea requires the Seoul government's approval, as well as the North's consent.

Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test on Sept. 3 led to the adoption of the ninth UN Security Council resolution since 2006, which further tightened international sanctions on the country. The aircraft then conducted similar simulated air to ground striking drills off the peninsula's west coast, according to South Korea's Defense Ministry. No action by the North was observed during the 12-hour mission.

Meanwhile this information emerged around the same time the US military flew two strategic bombers over the Korean peninsula in a show of force late on Tuesday.