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Spain moves to suspend Catalonia's autonomy

20 Octubre 2017
Spain moves to suspend Catalonia's autonomy

Three years later, Catalunya made the Declaration of the Ability of Catalans to Decide-which they did, in a referendum, but no one noticed and as a result, it was a massive waste of everyone's time.

Alternatively Puigdemont could call elections himself in a bid to avoid a situation where individual regional departments could be taken over by delegates from central ministries.

Spain said on Thursday (Oct 19) it would suspend the autonomy of the wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia over its bid to secede, pitching the euro zone's fourth-largest economy into uncharted political waters.

Ciudadanos, leads the opposition in Catalonia, second to the ruling pro-independence coalition. Those measures would then need to be approved by a majority of the Senate. Columbus Day, as it is known in the US, is now regarded, much like every other holiday celebrated in the US, as a reminder of a racist past (because we all know that racism has been cancelled indefinitely since they elected a half-black President-but that it is in no way still a thing, stop saying it is, it's not).

The ratings agency Moody's said Article 155 was one reason Catalonia's independence wouldn't take place, according to the Financial Times.

"In the absence of a reply in these terms, therefore, it is clear and precise, the Government understands that it has not responded to its request and will therefore continue with the procedures provided for in Article 155 of the Constitution with the objective of restoring legality in Catalonia", the Madrid government responded, in a statement. The Spanish government had repeatedly insisted the referendum was illegal. All I know is, as a Poli Sci grad myself, it has never taken me longer than one night and performance-enhancing drugs to pull off any of my assignments, so I don't know what Catalunya's excuse is.

Spain's government says the prime minister will hold a special Cabinet meeting on Saturday to trigger the process to take some or full control of Catalonia's semi-autonomous powers.

Puigdemont, in an address to the regional parliament last week, declared independence but then immediately suspended it and challenged Spain to hold negotiations.

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy had given the leader of the regional government, Carles Puigdemont, pictured left, a deadline of 10am today to renounce formally the region's claims to independence from the rest of Spain. Ninety percent of voters chose to leave Spain.

And while a majority say they have both national and regional sentiments, 66 per cent believe Rajoy is right in not offering more autonomy to the country's 17 autonomous regions, the same poll showed. But a Catalan official has ruled that out.

Puigdemont wrote that the suspension of the declaration of independence was a gesture meant to open up dialogue.