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Some Apple iPhone X units facing an earphone bug

14 Noviembre 2017

According to one Twitter user, who first experienced the issue earlier this week, the green line is ever-present and does not go away even when the device is restarted. The issue reportedly becomes noticeable at higher volume levels and isn't resolved even with replacement units.

"We're led to believe that this new 6.1" display model is a "third model" in Apple's premium smartphone tier whereas it could simply be the new Plus model screen size for Apple's second tier of iPhones replacing the 5.5" size.

Apple says it will address the issue in an upcoming software update.

There is no official response from the Apple on the green line issue as of now.

You get the added benefit of enjoying extended screen real estate as well as a bezel-less design like the iPhone X, all for a smaller price tag.

It looks like the iPhone X may be experiencing some problems.

How Likely is a 2018 iPhone X Plus Launch Date?

The two OLED models are said to target the "high-end" market, while the lone LCD-equipped iPhone will be aimed at "middle to low-end markets" with a predicted price between $US649 ($851) and $US749 ($982). "EXCEPT the Horrendous sound Quality/Speaker issues - Crackling/Sound with WAY too much Treble". Rs 13,000) Apple Care+ protection policy, without which you have to shell out a whopping $549 (approx.

Apple appears to be replacing handsets that are returned to its stores and are found to have problems, but that's probably not a whole lot of comfort to anyone that just handed over £999 or more for a new phone.

Our advice to prospective iPhone X buyers is simple: Get the screen guard along with the shell cover during purchase of the device. Kuo's predictions also seem to confirm what many have suspected: The death of Touch ID is coming in 2018 - at least at the top of Apple's line. It may be the world's most advanced face recognition technology but it can be fooled easily.