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Casa » IDF deploys Iron Dome for fear of Islamic Jihad retaliation

IDF deploys Iron Dome for fear of Islamic Jihad retaliation

15 Noviembre 2017
IDF deploys Iron Dome for fear of Islamic Jihad retaliation

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to "take a very firm stance against anyone who tries to attack us or attacks us from any area". "In any case, we see Hamas as responsible for every attack that emanates from, or is planned against us in the Gaza Strip", he said.

The IDF raised it's alert level and deployed anti-rocket Iron Dome batteries in central Israel Monday, for fear of retaliation from Islamic Jihad for destroying one of its tunnels and killing 12 of its militants in late October, the IDF confirmed to Channel 2 News.

The IDF arrested a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist in the West Bank on Sunday night after the continued threats by the terror group in response to the strike on the terror tunnel in October. "We reaffirm our right to respond to any aggression, including our right to respond to the crime of aggression on the resistance tunnel".

Gen. Yoav Mordechai warned the terror group not to retaliate for the tunnel's destruction, stating that PIJ would be "held responsible" for an attack on Israel and that "any attack by the Islamic Jihad will be met with a powerful and determined Israeli response, not only against the Jihad, but also against Hamas", which controls Gaza. They are playing with fire not just against themselves but Hamas as well as on the backs of innocent Gaza residents.

PIJ responded to the IDF's announcement that it was keeping the bodies of five terrorists found in the tunnel by saying that Israel "will not be able to bargain over our fighters". The IDF reinforced its units as the tensions along the Israel-Gaza border mount.

"Our battle is open and shall not end".

Israel said that the tunnel, which ran from the besieged Palestinian enclave into Israeli territory, was a "terror tunnel" aimed to attack Israelis.