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Microsoft Reveals Their Xbox One Black Friday 2017 Deals

18 Noviembre 2017
Microsoft Reveals Their Xbox One Black Friday 2017 Deals

GAME has revealed a host of brand new deals on titles like Overwatch, Destiny 2 and Wolfenstein 2. All offers are valid from Thanksgiving Day to Nov. 26. Now that three of the most highly anticipated circular ad - Walmart, Best Buy and Target - are out in the wild for the general public to view.

For non-gamers, the Xbox One X also serves as a 4K Blu-ray player. Here are some of its bargains so far. The retailer is offering $50 off the RRP, meaning it'll be just $349 compared to the usual $399.

Check out for some upcoming deals on PS4 slim and XBox One S on Amazon.

Online shoppers will also take advantage of Walmart's two-day shipping and is available on more than 2 million items on orders with $35 minimum purchased.

GameStop's Black Friday offering becomes really intense on the game side of things. The latter might be related to the console's sleep mode, and might be fixed by a future update. Those prices all apply to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of each game.

This came largely down to the system's architecture, which made it harder to develop for.

Here's a list of some discounted recent releases on Xbox One.

The 2016 souped-up, 4K enabled PlayStation 4 has been rigidly stuck at $399 since it arrived on the scene a year ago.

Nov. 19 to 27: Save up to $50 on a select 1TB or 500GB Xbox One S bundle. That can come bundled with Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, if that is your thing.

Call of Duty: WWII will be available at a 5% discount, though Xbox Live Gold users will get a 10% discount.

We saw the PS4 begin to expand on such functionality, with the expansion of its controller features. With this in mind, Sony clearly has their games developers in mind when producing new consoles, therefore this can give us some scope for how they may choose to develop the console.

Game is also currently focusing on accessories for its Nintendo Switch sales at present.