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EA Reverses Itself, Temporarily Removes Pay-to-Win Mechanics From Battlefront II

20 Noviembre 2017
EA Reverses Itself, Temporarily Removes Pay-to-Win Mechanics From Battlefront II

There will be even more revealed for Cyber Monday the week after, and we'll cover them all here on Pocket-lint. EA had been forming a flat base over the past 11 weeks, but undercut the prior low in that pattern. But despite arming him with his Jedi-era powers like force push and using his lightsaber to deflect blasts, controlling him feels awkward and imprecise, and the voice actor playing him hardly sounds like Mark Hamill at all.

"We've heard the concerns about potentially giving players unfair advantages", EA wrote. This otherwise incredible year in gaming has seen plenty of $60 AAA games ruin themselves with gross mobile free-to-play mechanics to squeeze out some extra cash. This was never our intention. But why does it work so well on this regard when Battlefront II couldn't get away with it?

As an additional goal, you can go back through and grab all the collectables to earn 25 Crafting Parts in each of the applicable levels.

We started making the game around the time The Force Awakens was in theatres, which means all the novels leading into the movie are coming out and it's starting to sort of dabble a little bit in that timeline, but a lot of it's undefined, which is perfect.

So we rolled out ideas and said, we want to do this Imperial story, special forces, details, details, details, and they were excited by it because it was new and it instantly felt authentic, because it's in a period of time that is unexplored, like you said. "The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after we've made changes to the game".

Not necessarily directly. It wasn't like we looked and one novel and said, "Let's do this".

Once you purchase Star Wars Battlefront II from the PlayStation Store the game will be added to your Downloads List/Library on your PlayStation system. As a psychological ploy, every death shows which cards your opponent used to defeat you, encouraging you to give in to the dark side to get revenge and simply compete. (I'll give you a hint where all the "unnecessary and infuriating nonsense" are located). The thought that unlocking everything either takes six months or 2100$ is pretty discouraging for most Star Wars fan that wanted to play the campaign and maybe dip the waters of multiplayer.

The story mode's plot is underwhelming. If they dropped the license and released Battlefield Lite: In Space, it would sell a tiny fraction of the copies and receive much more flak for the barebones gameplay.

My intense love for the medium was instant. also this was ten years ago, and nobody in traditional Hollywood knew what the heck I was talking about. If you're asking for full retail price up front, you have no right to expect players to spend more money on top of that - especially if they can gain an edge by doing so.

EA shares dropped 2.5% to close at 108.82 on the stock market today. Keep checking back for more.

Naturally, some portion of the audience did not enjoy this.

I trust EA's greed enough to know they're only publishing this because they think it'll be profitable, or at the very least that it'll improve their image in the public eye. You spend the majority of the chapter mindlessly hacking at bugs in a cave, which is hardly worthy of the Skywalker saga.

The battle between gamers and Electronic Arts over micro-transactions is far from over.