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Casa » Wildfire forces thousands to flee homes north of Los Angeles

Wildfire forces thousands to flee homes north of Los Angeles

06 Diciembre 2017
Wildfire forces thousands to flee homes north of Los Angeles

"The fire growth is just absolutely exponential", the Ventura county fire chief, Mark Lorenzen, said.

And the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, which hold workouts near the Ventura County fire, canceled practice Wednesday. And residents are evacuating their homes, and they're gathering alongside the highway and watching the fire move toward town. He wasn't sad. He put the destruction into perspective.

"It is sad", Keasler said. Our dog is safe. Stick with me. You have to read that book when you're 17, or else it's unbearably annoying, what with Holden's angst-indulgence walkabout.

Linda Keasler said they were just glad to be alive despite losing so much. "So many memories - Christmases, Thanksgiving".

"They can come to my house".

He couldn't fathom the destruction.

"I never thought this would ever happen", he said. I can see the flames and thick, billowing, black smoke that's starting to fill up the valley.

"It was just ember control", he said. When he saw flames illuminating the full moon bright red he decided it was time to leave.

"We had rains last winter that caused all the brush and everything to grow, and throughout the summer they dried out", said Los Angeles County Fire Department Inspector Joey Marron.

"Everyone is healthy. Everyone is out". First: The narrative is all over the place. "And there's no roasted chickens".

More than 50,000 homes were evacuated and 20,000 people remained without power Tuesday. This heartbreaker dates from Prine' still-stunning 1973 album "Sweet Revenge", where it has the extraordinary distinction of being a merely good song in the middle of an album full of great ones.

Fire engines and helicopters were responding to the fire in Ventura County Monday night, it has already burned 25,000 acres. Vista del Mar Hospital, a private psychiatric facility, burned to the ground after its residents and workers were evacuated, as did 150 buildings, including the pair of apartment complexes.

It was possible that some people had been trapped in their homes, he said, but sheriff's office personnel had gone to certain neighborhoods to ensure that residents were leaving.

The Little Mountain Fire broke out about 12:28 p.m. Tuesday on a hill behind a strip mall south of California State University San Bernardino, and spread to 100 acres by the afternoon. And somehow, it gained holiday immortality, despite the fact that it is utter ear-napalm.

"There are 1,100 fire fighters on scene with additional fire resources enroute", according to Ventura County's emergency information website.

While the blazes brought echoes of the firestorm in Northern California that killed 44 people two months ago, no deaths and only a handful of injuries had been reported.