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Casa » Southern California wildfires force mass evacuations in Los Angeles

Southern California wildfires force mass evacuations in Los Angeles

07 Diciembre 2017
Southern California wildfires force mass evacuations in Los Angeles

As of Tuesday night, the Creek Fire was zero per cent contained. Air from high pressure areas blows down toward the Pacific Ocean, speeding up, drying out as they squeeze through mountain passes and canyons.

"The forecast for tomorrow is purple", Ken Pimlott, director at the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said, referring to the only color above red on the wind scale.

Millions of cellphones buzzed loudly Wednesday night from San Diego to Santa Barbara with a sound that usually means an Amber Alert, but this time meant a rare weather warning for strong winds making extreme fire danger. "So, it's a real logistical problem".

The Thomas Fire, which started at around 6:30pm Monday, is considered a wildfire, and was the first of the three to ignite. The air throughout the gallery is filtered by a system that forces it out, rather than a filtration method which would bring air in.

A sheriff's official says a woman has been found dead after a car crash in an area under a mandatory evacuation order as the largest of the wildfires raged in Southern California.

"He just kept watching and he feels so guilty that he couldn't save it", she continued.

For Romer-Sim and her family the loss was particularly devastating. "I looked to the left and the hillside was on fire; I looked to my right and it was just coming over the ridge, huge flames".

Smoke from the Thomas Fire had made its way into Lompoc Thursday morning. "So we can't let our guard down at all", McHale said.

According to the media, the young man refused to be interviewed by the KABC cameraman who caught the scene because he did not want any personal publicity for saving the creature.

"We're full, we've taken in over 450 horses and four goats", Heidi Allyn, a stable assistant at the sprawling Los Angeles Equestrian Center, said Wednesday.

Around 30,000 people live in Santa Paula, while Ventura has a population of about 110,000.

The edges of both Los Angeles and Ventura are dotted with horse-keeping properties, and when flames roared in people barely had time to get their animals to their own evacuation centers.