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This day in history: Pearl Harbor attacked

08 Diciembre 2017
This day in history: Pearl Harbor attacked

By the time the U.S. Secretary of State received the intercepted message, the Pearl Harbor attack was well underway.

President Donald Trump slightly misquoted one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's best-known speeches in a tweet commemorating the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. Japan launched the surprise attack with airplanes and submarines on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor.

He was on the opposite side of the Oahu island when the Japanese bombed the USS Arizona. The attack propelled the United States into World War II.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, several military members from Wisconsin were on hand. The war claimed the lives of more than 400,000 Americans and an estimated 50 million people across Europe, Asia, Africa and - of course - Hawaii, then an American territory.

The National Park Service operates the memorial, part of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. "You had to do your job".