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Michael Wolff Says Trump's Associates Question His Fitness

13 Enero 2018
Michael Wolff Says Trump's Associates Question His Fitness

"Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames", he said. "Saw him there. And shortly thereafter, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon got into a car, went out to Langley to see the director of the CIA and the deputy director, and to ask about these things that Tony Blair had told the president".

"Suddenly everywhere people are going, 'Oh my God, it's true, he has no clothes'".

"What's the president's reaction to the growing number of suggestions, both in this book and in the media, that he's mentally unfit to serve as president?" "He wasn't known as Sloppy Steve Bannon; you named him that yesterday".

"Tony Blair, listen", Wolff told the BBC.

The book - 'Fire and Fury' - quotes White House aides claiming Mr Trump has a short attention span, often repeats himself and refuses to read briefing notes.

Michael Wolff, the columnist and author who wrote the explosive inside look at the Trump presidency said he "sympathizes" with people he interviewed for the book who have since denied some claims attributed to them. "They say he is a moron, an idiot", Wolff said. "What they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification. It's all about him".

On Thursday Mr Gingrich echoed Mr Trump's charge that Mr Bannon had "lost his mind".

Mr Bannon was sacked by Mr Trump in August.

Trump dubbed Bannon "Sloppy Steve" after the former chief White House political strategist, who was fired in August, was quoted in the book disparaging the administration and Trump's family.

"Ive never questioned his mental fitness. I've had no reason to question his mental fitness".

Lemire, who received an advance copy of the book, described some aspects of "Fury and Fury" as not "entirely accurate". "That's also, though, why the American people chose him", he said. The book incorporates substantial information from former campaign manager Steve Bannon, including an on-the-record remark describing a Trump campaign meeting with Russian lawyers as "treasonous".

"Trump will attack, he will send lawyers' letters - this is a 35-year history of how he approaches everything", he said in the interview.

President Trump is at Camp David for a weekend retreat with Republican congressional leaders and some members of his Cabinet. Trump cited his career in business and reality television and his victory in last year's election as evidence of his mental prowess.

"Not only is he helping me sell books, he is helping me to prove the point of the book", Wolff said on the Today show Friday.

"Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart", the President continued.