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Chelsea Manning Just Filed to Run for US Senate in Maryland

14 Enero 2018
Chelsea Manning Just Filed to Run for US Senate in Maryland

In 2010, former Army private Chelsea Manning was arrested after she provided nearly 750,000 documents to WikiLeaks that included information about prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and U.S. war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Manning is also a transgender woman who won an audience among progressives for her writing on transgender rights and government transparency.

Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning has filed to run for Senate in Maryland.

Reuters said Ms Manning did not immediately respond to requests for a comment.

Kristin Beck, a retired Navy SEAL who is transgender, failed to unseat Steny Hoyer in Maryland's Democratic Primary in 2016.

When Manning was released from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in May, she told The AP in an email that she was eager to define her future - but made no mention of politics.

Former President Obama said the sentence she was given was "disproportionate", but President Donald Trump has labelled her an "ungrateful traitor" who "should never have been released from prison".

In 2013, the intelligence analyst - then known as Bradley Edward Manning - was convicted by court martial of violations of the Espionage Act.

Manning, originally from Oklahoma, moved to Maryland after her release.

Manning would not be the first transgender candidate to challenge a sitting member of Congress. She said she might release a statement in the coming days. Ben Cardin, D-Md., speaks during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on. Maryland is considered a safely Democratic state for this year's Senate race. I know what that feels like. Paul Sarbanes, according to the Baltimore Sun. "I've been having dozens of conversations around the state". When reports broke last week that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were raiding 7-11 stores, Manning called the agency "the new Gestapo". Her lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union said that Manning served more time behind bars than any other whistleblower in U.S. history and under difficult conditions. His campaign war chest already boasts funds upwards of $2 million.