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No wall, no DACA deal — Trump to Schumer

25 Enero 2018
No wall, no DACA deal — Trump to Schumer

The president has 'missed an opportunity to get the wall, ' a Democratic aide said.

Most Americans feel a great deal of empathy for the DACA kids who were brought here illegally by their parents years ago.

"I am pleased that Democrats and Republicans in Congress have now come to their senses", Mr Trump said in a statement read at a White House briefing. We are coming up fast on that deadline.

While DACA was the centerpiece of Democratic willingness to force a shutdown Friday, the effort was a strategic flop.

Last weekend's partial shutdown of the federal government was a display of raw American politics at its worst.

"He did not make a commitment", Sen.

"The thought was that we could come to an agreement that afternoon, the president would announce his support and then the Senate and House would get it done and it would be on the president's desk".

DAVIS: And he has a point.

"We cannot let those who are anti-immigrant, who call giving the Dreamers hope 'amnesty, ' block us". He won assurances that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would allow an immigration vote that sets the stage for a debate on the Dreamers. However, its existence tends to be a by-product of the political division that festers in Washington. So that's not particularly new.

After a three-day government shutdown, lawmakers bought themselves 16 days to negotiate fixes to DACA and border security.

Without those bills, the government has been running on stopgap money - creating the opportunity for mischief such as the recent three-day partial government shutdown.

It's hard to see, frankly, how Donald Trump's presidency becomes anything more than what it is: a stumbling, bumbling, occasionally vociferous, often silly and irrelevant episode of "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight". "The notion that we are willing to sacrifice that in this ridiculous political one-upmanship, is just really, really irritating".

The Republicans control every branch of government.

DAVIS: The group's being referred to as the number twos.

Whether Congress starts over or tweaks the existing DACA program, it must find a solution for Dreamers - not kick the can down the road again, or bargain with it for other wants, like a border wall. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois. In the House, it's Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. Chief of Staff John Kelly has led people in war, and he has no tolerance for loudmouth radicals who are serving their own egos above all else.

DAVIS: Well, the president - we know what he doesn't want.

He noted that there was still "consistent, strong support" for action to help DREAMers, with 75% of people saying they supported legislation.

"He comes over here with a phony plan and a fake promise", Gidley said, referring to Schumer, D-N.Y. Schumer talked about this on the floor today.

The issue: This should be easy. The president should understand that, as the country's chief executive, he is ultimately the accountable party for keeping the government's doors open. Liberal senators and House members think that was a fool's bargain, and it might be. He once favored a "deportation force" and a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States". We need everything. We need technology.

KELLY: All right, thanks so much, Sue.