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Casa » Joint Korean march gave me goosebumps, says IOC boss

Joint Korean march gave me goosebumps, says IOC boss

11 Febrero 2018
Joint Korean march gave me goosebumps, says IOC boss

On the ice, however, the Swiss, ranked No. 6 in the world, took control early and built a 6-0 lead by the end of the second period.

"Then to see it finally happen, it really did not only give me goosebumps but I think the whole public and I guess the entire world".

The ruling Democratic Party of Korea released a statement saying that decrying such comments as a political seeks to tarnish the legacy of the Winter Games. Moon ran for (and won) his country's highest office on a platform of diplomacy with the North.

While NBC made the most of the marquee names in the event (Shaun White is practically an NBC employee), it didn't dispatch anyone to talk with them in the stands. Following the bloodline from Kim Il Sung, the "eternal president", Kim Han Sol has the birthright to lead, yet lives in fear of assassination.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who led a U.S. delegation to the Olympic Games, told reporters that he and Moon discussed the South Korean leader's meeting with Kim Jong Un's sister, adding he remains confident about Seoul's support for the pressure strategy.

Somehow, as Kim Jong Un's totalitarian regime continues to starve, torture and murder its own people-western news outlets are mesmerized by the dictatorship's presence at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The three had also attended Friday night's opening ceremony together.

They were on both sides of the ice, chanting back and forth.

The Korean team has sparked intense interest, particularly after 12 North Korean players joined the southern team. The two sides previously discussed similar issues when Ri visited South Korea for the WT World Taekwondo Championships in Muju, 240 kilometers south of Seoul, in June.

South Korean television drew that exact parallel, noting that Kim Jong Un had sent his sister to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, while U.S. President Donald Trump was sending his daughter to the closing.

They created a unique atmosphere in the Gangneung Ice Arena during the speed skating heats. According to UNESCO, there are more than 3,000 variations of the song. Should we join our hearts, the lump of snow will get bigger and bigger and eventually become a snowman of peace'. And Bach lauded the joint march of the two Koreas as a "powerful message". The former envoy believes Moon should use the meeting as an opportunity to push Kim to accept his predecessor's promise to denuclearize. "The communication is good".

"The policy of the the denuclearization of North Korea", the official said of Pence's approach to the Kim regime".

They chose to share stories of Yuna Kim's difficult times. She is thought to be married. In spring 2011, she began a 19-month break from competition, in part to lend a hand to the PyeongChang Olympic bid in its final stages. Temperatures were in the high 20s.

The Korean team's goal is simple: advance out of their four-team group (which includes the Swiss along with Sweden and Japan), and keep playing together. "Young people in South Korea have no memory of a united peninsula".

The press has a responsibility to see beyond the forced smiles.

Keep was just 17 when he enlisted in the Navy. Now Moon, while not lobbying for its return, clearly wants to engage the North.

This was Olympic hockey, but unlike anything many in the audience had seen before.

The teams were most evenly matched with a Swiss player in the penalty box.

"For unification to take place, one of the regimes must be compromised".

With every headline, the media normalizes a brutal dictatorship that has earned the contempt of the international community.

"Everybody make some noise!" two pre-ceremony emcees shouted in English and Korean as spectators streamed into the Olympic Stadium before the ceremony.