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Casa » Final Fantasy VII Remake team hiring for 'core members'

Final Fantasy VII Remake team hiring for 'core members'

14 Marcha 2018
Final Fantasy VII Remake team hiring for 'core members'

This suggests Square Enix is thinking bigger than a scene-for-scene remake of the game. Five would be brand new to the franchise, and one would be a returning character.

The presentation was mainly focused on one aspect in particular, namely the first post-launch DLC character joining the game, out of the 6 planned for this year.

It'll be interesting to see if E3 2018 or some other event will provide more details on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Altered Battle Mechanics: Additional strategy is required in battle through an element system, in which players must utilize the Magia Board to change the element affinity of their attack to oppose their enemy's.

Along with Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the most anticipated games from Square Enix.

"We are examining programs that implement general functions and contents for Final Fantasy VII Remake as necessary on the development team, and while we are reaching a satisfactory level in terms of reproducing the original title in high-quality graphics, we have come to the conclusion that we should aim for even higher quality in order to meet the expectations of fans".

Lastly, Square Enix mentions that those who aren't familiar with Final Fantasy VII are welcomed. They are currently in the thought process of creating a world of Final Fantasy VII that is being resurrected for the modern times. Specifically, the fans can expect Cloud to sport a dorky appearance and less mature attitude, in contrast with his jock persona as depicted in the previous "Final Fantasy 7" cartoon adaptations.