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The best and worst features of Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+

14 Marcha 2018

Samsung Galaxy C7 and Galaxy On7 are powered by the same processor.

Samsung's sales target seems ambitious but achievable. According to various unofficial reports, the upcoming Galaxy J8 handsets will feature a flat Infinity Display and will drop the physical Home button, so the fingerprint reader will be relocated to the rear. Previously, there were very few choices for a nice camera phone in the mid- range section.

The renders come courtesy of Martin Hajek, who created the images just for fun.

Why did the market respond cooly to the S9?

Also, Samsung's Bixby now has live translate system which can translate foreign language in real time, making travel to a foreign land jus that much more familiar.

Yesterday, Samsung officially launched its latest Galaxy S9/S9+, which features the concept "The Camera".

Do you think the Galaxy S9 duo will outperform the shipments of the Galaxy S8 duo? While the feature quickly made it to Pixel devices, others had to wait for the new feature.

So, what makes the Samsung Galaxy S9 special? Sure, the phones are loaded with storage and an option for an SD card, but less unwanted stuff is always preferable.

Pre-order now by visiting or and open the Pandora's Box to #DoWhatYouCant. The listing has spilt some beans on the expected specifications of the upcoming smartphone. Both these devices sport a USB 3.0 charging port with wireless as well as fast-charging abilities.

Hey, I just watched the developer's preview of the Android P and was quite fascinated by the new changes in the Android Oreo. However, Samsung wants to keep moving forward with their inventions.

Samsung also has a couple of exclusive perks of its own: Gear VR and DeX Station support. All these emojis can be used as stickers and can be used on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You can be assured that this device will stay quick even as you juggle with several applications.

In regards to security, Samsung is combining two of its biometric security methods into one cohesive package. Both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ offer an all-new dual aperture primary camera. The alternative is settling for the phone with lesser specs if it means having a more pocketable phone, and that definitely won't sit too well with some. The S9+, meanwhile, has a dual 12-megapixels primary camera for better depth effects in images.

Other interesting features of the devices include super-slow motion videos at 960fps and phase detection autofocus (PDAF). In these type of situation how the camera works? The former receives 749 single-core scores, while the latter gets 726 scores. With this addition applications like Instagram, Snapchat and other similar apps will be able to use the Bokeh, seamless zoom, etc.