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Epic publishes Fortnite Battle Royale mobile trailer

15 Marcha 2018
Epic publishes Fortnite Battle Royale mobile trailer

This mode will support cross-play and cross progression (meaning your character remains constant on all supported platforms) between iOS, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac, with Android support coming at a later date. Not only will Fortnite eventually have cross platform support for PC, Mac and Xbox One, but also on mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

Microsoft is blaming Sony for the blockage. To the tweet, Spencer replied "Me 2".

Though it appears that Sony is just forcing its aggressive business practices for the PS4 in its decision to prohibit Xbox One and PS4 cross-play since Microsoft, the owner of the Xbox One, actually is in favor of the aspect. "Cross-platform is already allowed between mobile, PC and Xbox or Playstation players, therefore proving there are no system limitations preventing this from happening".

Then in 2017, Microsoft announced that cross-platform support for Minecraft would be available for the Xbox One, Switch, and mobile, but PS4 was absent from the list. Though it can be assumed that PC players might have the most advantage since their gaming machines can run the game at better frame rates and resolutions and there is also the fact that they use the standard mice and keyboards that are still vastly superior to analog controllers or smartphone screens for aiming and precision. According to The Verge, which earlier reported on those omissions, Sony at the time said that it didn't allow for cross-play to protect children, stating that cross-play exposes kids to "external influences we have no ability to manage or look after".

A cross-play between both consoles is very feasible from a technical perspective, something that developers have been discussing for a long time.

One important thing to note is that, despite the all-encompassing cross-play, an Xbox One vs PS4 cross-play is not happening.

As the game is pretty established, or you could even say widely popular, it looks like Epic is trying hard to reassure mobile users that they can enjoy the same experience while on their most portable devices. "Play when you want, where you want". Meanwhile, Fortnite developers have addressed the concerns surrounding the mobile version of the game.

Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates.