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Google's AI Can Quickly Pick Out Voices From a Crowd

15 Abril 2018
Google's AI Can Quickly Pick Out Voices From a Crowd

But some Google employees came out of the town hall still concerned about the company angling for a big Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract that could relate to combat operations, the Fortune report said.

In a new paper, the researchers presented a deep learning audio-visual model for isolating a single speech signal from a mixture of sounds such as other voices and background noise.

Beyond that, judging by screenshots sent to TechCrunch, Gmail users will be able to choose when the email expires and disappears into the ether. A new snooze feature also lets you temporarily remove emails from your inbox until a certain time, so you can avoid certain email threads until you're ready to reply.

The VergeThe tool, denoted with a lock icon in leaked images obtained by TechCrunch, will allow you to set a date for when the email will self-destruct.

Google is currently testing the new template inside the company, as well as with some trusted partners. It's less dramatic - and it's due to a security feature Google will test out on the new Gmail.

The second project Google highlights is a game it calls Semantris, though I must say it's rather too simple to deserve the "-tris" moniker. Before sending an email, users will be able to specify a time frame post which, the email will be deleted from the recipient's inbox. According to the report, copy and paste and printing are not allowed in this mode. The industry leaders are suspecting that Facebook is using that software to collect data from all those users who are connected on the 'Powered by Facebook' devices. Encrypted messaging app Signal also gives users a less-intense version that erases messages after the recipient has read them.

South Korea's state radio agency has approved Google's artificial-intelligence (AI) speakers, paving the way for the speakers to be released as early as the first half of this year, industry sources said Sunday.