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Twitter reacts to LeBron James' game-winning shot

27 Abril 2018
Twitter reacts to LeBron James' game-winning shot

Expect to hear plenty of rumors surrounding James as the offseason gets underway.

LeBron James helped Cleveland snatch victory from the Pacers on Wednesday, while adding yet another chapter of greatness to his resume.

Of course, James disagreed with this notion and believes he got to the ball first.

It seems as though James is on a mission in this series. You're having the best player in the world on your team. Cleveland rallied from seven down at the half by outscoring Indiana 32-17 in the third quarter.

"As a kid, you always have those 'three-two-one' moments, and being able to have one of those moments, that's what it kind of felt like", James said after the game, as reported by ESPN. And on top of everything else, the Cavs face an uphill battle to make the Finals again from the #4 seed in the Eastern Conference. "Making the [swish] noise". The problem for Cleveland was that time period spanned the last 7:19 of the game. The Cavs had tried everything to try and shake things up after halftime, even doing layup lines at the break in Game 4 like a high school squad. T-Lue came in here and told us we had to play with more intensity.

While happy with the results of the third quarter, and subsequently, the game, Calderon understands that it is necessary for the Cavaliers to put together a full game against the Pacers if they hope to close out the series in Indianapolis.

Despite that, there was one other reason that Victor Oladipo's complaints about the goaltend meant nothing at the end.

Will there be a Sunday matinee with everything at stake for the Pacers? In fairness to the refs, James is fairly famous for blocking layup attempts from behind, so that factor can't be discounted in how they viewed the play. The Cavs, in contrast, are hitting their regular-season number almost exactly. The Pacers and Cavs shot identical marks in the regular season; Cleveland made 77.9 percent, Indiana 77.9 percent. Head Coach Nate McMillan likes the defense that was played on Lebron.

The 25-year-old stormed past James and looked destined to get the winning score although the latter had not given up and pulled off a sensational block and regained possession for his team. Death, taxes and LeBron James landing a buzzer-beater. "But who's to say they even run that play?"

With the clock ticking down, and the scoreboard at 95-95, LeBron stepped up to the plate. That's the more important part. George Hill has missed the last two games with back spasms. You got to win 4 games for the series to be over, right?