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NES Classic Edition will return next month

16 May 2018
NES Classic Edition will return next month

The console, which is a mini-version of the original NES from 1983, will go on sale in the USA from June 29 of 2018.

Despite the deliberate limited availability issues, the NES Classic still managed to sell 2.3 units when it was initially released in 2016.

The system will continue to ship to retailers until the end of the year, with Nintendo confirming the same for the SNES Classic Edition. Nintendo, however, promised the NES Classic would come back eventually, making that promise a reality on Sunday. "Similarly, production of the Super NES Classic Edition system was extended beyond the end of 2017 to give consumers ample opportunities to get one". Unlike the NES Classic, the SNES Classic bundles in two controllers so multiple players can participate straight out of the box.

Nintendo released the SNES Classic a year later.

And the good news is that the UK Nintendo Twitter account posted their own message on the subject, confirming that NES Minis will also be restocked in the UK.

The NES Classic returns to retail on June 29th, 2018.

This is the same console many bought previous year, boasting the same line-up of games and the same price.

The list of free retro games included with the Switch's subscription plan include Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros.

True to its promise and its idea of announcing important things when no one expects, Nintendo has just ignited the spirit and expectation of all those players who could not acquire an NES Classic Edition.

Mini, retro gaming systems are all rage. For a full list of games, check Nintendo's site here. Creating a family group lets up to eight people share a membership, even on different consoles.